Why Cloud BI is Must for you?

Why Cloud BI is Must for you

Mar 10 2016

Business Intelligence


For organizations today, Business Intelligence (BI) services are a vital tool to improve performance. Leveraging data is key to make better decisions – be it to gather insights from historical trends to feed into an important decision or a chance to course-correct thanks to real time updates. Businesses have been proven to make better and timely decisions by virtue of having the right data at the right time.

Having BI Services today is therefore no longer an option if organizations want to remain up-to-date and track its business-critical data.

Cloud BI - The Optimum Choice

A company looking to deploy a Business Intelligence solution has the option to choose between an on-premise BI solution and a cloud-based BI solution. The mode of data storage is the biggest difference between the two: a cloud BI solution stores it virtually while the locally-installed version typically stores it in a physical data-center onsite.

With Cloud BI, the entire process of data storage, management and analyses is an all-in-one solution, completely handled by the partner like AMDDATAWIZ. The organization has to make no additional infrastructure or resource investments.

The ready-to-use nature of Cloud BI thus makes it an invaluable option for companies who want to experience the power of Business Intelligence Services and its benefits with minimum hassle and disruption.

5 Reasons Why Cloud BI Is the Best Option for You

Cloud BI has been the preferred form of deployment of BI solutions for millions of companies. There are number of advantages that comes with opting for a cloud based solution.

  • Better Value, Reduced IT Costs: The investment required to set up a cloud BI system is much lower than what is required for an on-premise solution. This is because the infrastructure costs as well as the labour costs are significantly lower in case of Cloud BI solutions. Additionally, maintenance costs are also minimal.
  • Easier Set-Up, More Agility: Cloud-based BI solutions are easier to deploy as it does not need elaborate infrastructure set-up or hardware set –up. It causes less disruption and is much faster to deploy. BI experts from the Cloud BI partner help the organization to navigate the process from design to delivery. Up gradation also becomes a breeze in Cloud BI as the entire system is centralised.
  • Better Access, Easy use: Cloud BI solutions delivers data analytics and dashboards through web-based platforms that make it easy for managers to access it at any time. Mobile interface are helpful for on-the-go managers who can look up data with a couple of clicks.The service also offers web-based data analytics capabilities which encourage managers to start exploring and using data regularly in their decision-making processes.
  • Flexible and Adaptable: Whether an increase in users or inclusion of new data sources, scaling up with cloud BI is easy. The Cloud BI partner takes the entire responsibility of delivering the most suitable infrastructure for the company’s needs. There is no need for long-drawn process of replacing hardware or additional installations.
  • Better Utility of Data: Cloud BI makes the data management process simpler. It can help the company tap into the different data sources available and integrate it, enabling a unified view of the data. This makes sure that data access is maintained without any business impact.

Cloud BI is clearly the most ideal way for a company to leverage BI Services for improving business performance with minimum investments. AMDDATAWIZ’s team of BI experts will guide the entire process, making the set-up process is efficient and cost-effective.

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