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Predictive Analysis Services from AMDDATAWIZ

Predictive analysis, a field of data mining, depends heavily on past data to forecast future trends or behavior patterns. Some common instances of predictive analytics may be identifying probable suspects after an offense has been committed, or detecting credit-card fraud as it happens. One major limitation of predictive analytics is that the efficacy and usability of outcomes is largely dependent on the depth of analysis and the quality of assumptions.

Predictive Analysis typically includes a range of technologies like statistical modeling, machine learning, data mining, Internet of things, and more. The science of predictive analytics is grounded on analysis of historical or current data for building models of future events. In today’s global business environment, predictive analytics provides a competitive edge to large, medium, and small business operators.

At AMDDATAWIZ, we will help our clients to develop predictive models by studying the existing business trends and patterns, which are typically derived from the historical or transactional data available in their businesses, with the purpose of identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks.

What is Unique about AMDDATAWIZ Predictive Analysis Team?

Our expert team at AMDDATAWIZ will help organizations to capture data trends and patterns from the existing historical or transactional data to build predictive models for future business gains. These models will be designed to assess business risk or opportunities. Our predictive analytics services are targeted to the following industry segments:

  • Actuarial science

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Financial Services

  • Insurance and Risk Management

  • Telecommunication

  • Retail

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Heath care and pharmaceuticals

The most popular application of predictive models is credit scoring, which tabulates a customer’s credit history, loan application, and more; and is widely utilized throughout the financial services and risk management sectors.

Predictive Analysis Applications from AMDDATAWIZ

Our team of experts and highly skilled professionals of Predictive analysis will assist your business in planning and executing the automated modeling of future events, with a mission to enhance the quality of your business with perfect embedded results. Though predictive analysis can be implemented in several applications, here we have mentioned some business areas where we can help your business develop predictive models: Analytical Customer Relationship Management, Clinical Decision Support Systems, Collection Analysis, Cross Selling, Customer Retention, Direct Marketing, Fraud Detection, Portfolio, Product and Economy level Prediction, Risk Management, and Underwriting.

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