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The McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) estimated in 2013 that applying big-data strategies to the US health-care system could generate up to $100 billion in value annually! In the pharmaceutical industry, which is a sub-segment of the healthcare segment, data growth is generated from varied sources like R&D, production process, doctors, patients, and retailers. If the pharmaceutical companies effectively tap into the wealth of this vast data source, they will be better positioned to develop approved medicines within short production (which includes regulatory) lifecycles.

The relative ease of data flow in big data technologies can aid drug discovery and clinical trials, by powering the real-time analytics that can enhance the quality of medicines produced and generate business value for the medicine manufacturer. The pressures that increasing regulatory requirements have put on this industry can be countered by advanced pharmaceutical business intelligence to extract value from a challenging market and create a differentiated market image. Thus, the third-party analytics service market for pharmaceuticals is expected to grow a staggering 500% by 2020.

AMDDATAWIZ offers the following services to tackle the data-management challenges in the pharmaceutical sector:


Predictive Analysis for R&D and Sales

Big data analytics is especially useful for disease pattern analysis, drug discovery, clinical trials, and genome sequencing. Big data-enabled predictive modeling enhances the quality of medicine manufacturing processes. AMDDATAWIZ offers a competent team of data professionals who can help your pharmaceutical operation develop predictive models by studying the existing trends and patterns. This powerful capability can be successfully exploited in many facets of the pharmaceutical industry from R & D to sales & marketing.


Analyze strategies with Pharmaceutical Dashboards

Data visualization is of critical importance in drug discovery, clinical trials, marketing and quality control among others. The data wizards at AMDDATAWIZ will help your company work smarter with the support of advanced analytics and data visualization tools for collaborative decision making or quick actions.


Efficient Data Management for faultless results

As the academics continue to demand greater data transparency movement in clinical trials to evaluate drug safety and effectiveness, data-management challenges in this industry sector will continue to haunt the medicine manufacturers. At AMDDATAWIZ, a holistic approach to data management can help your company achieve predetermined business goals through synergistic partnerships between people, processes, and technology. Our developed data-management systems promise low operating costs, enhanced risk management, and minimal operational errors.


Mobile BI for higher engagement rates

Mobile BI services can deliver better patient engagement for more relation-centric drug promotion. The modern medicine marketers believe in developing close bonds with the consumers before selling medicines! AMDDATAWIZ offers mobile BI apps to enable medicine salesmen or other remote pharmaceutical employees to access critical business data instantly from any location.


Business Intelligence for Pharmaceutical Industry

Business intelligence services are designed to aid businesses make smarter decisions with the support of data visualization, complex analytics, and insightful reporting with ad hoc capabilities. At AMDDATAWIZ, we have the capability for organizing and analyzing pharmaceutical business data, understand the esoteric reporting needs, and create reports and dashboards appropriate for immediate decision making. Our online Reports and Business Intelligence Service has been designed to meet all the pharmaceutical business needs.


Cloud BI benefits Pharmaceutical industry

Though data security is an ongoing issue on the Cloud platform, our Cloud BI Service can offer limited benefits to the pharmaceutical businesses.

AMDDATAWIZ has enabled our team to deliver high quality files within tight deadlines to make sure that now we are able to execute much more number of
campaigns with much improved response rate. The campaign model and training framework created by AMDDATAWIZ are now employed at our end to upskill our resources I wanted to express my sincerest appreciation to the entire AMDDATAWIZ team for assisting us with delivering our CPU model early.

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