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The nonprofit groups usually track performance through the use of metrics such as money raised, membership growth in numbers, charities served, or operational costs. So, the technologies used in nonprofit is gradually transforming the way they raise funds, position their marketing campaigns, and manage information in their organizations. Impactful technology that started shaping the non-profit business in 2014, such as mobile, analytics, or social media have continued to evolve throughout 2015.

Data is the most valuable asset for any nonprofit company. The explosive data volumes acquired through mobile, social media, or transactions have necessitated the use of advanced analytics for actionable intelligence. The only way a nonprofit will grow is by utilizing the intelligence to capture new donor markets and request appropriate gift amounts from existing donors. Though most of the donor data is descriptive in nature, it can be useful in predictive analytics for forecasting future donation trends.

Here are some data services from AMDDATAWIZ, which can enable your nonprofit to extract intelligence and insights for effective marketing:


Predictive Analysis in Non-Profit

Nonprofits can use data analytics to understand which communication channels are most effective or how to better raise funds with analytics, or how to increase gifts from regular donors. This understanding will help charity organizations to work smarter and enhance their marketing strategies. AMDDATAWIZ data experts can help the nonprofit clients interpret and understand their data better and extract intelligence from them. The Predictive analytics service will enable the client to develop predictive models of future donation trends and patterns by studying the existing donation trends and by studying the donor profiles and donation history.


Dashboards for Nonprofits

AMDDATAWIZ can build non-profit dashboards to help nonprofits view multi-channel donor trends, donor demographic patterns, or individual program performance in clear, easy-to-understand graphics. The professional data consultants can help your organization work smarter with the support of analytics, big data visualization, or self-explanatory reports.


Nonprofit Data Management

At AMDDATAWIZ, the team talks a holistic approach to data management to help you achieve predetermined goals. The data tools often act as “information delivery solutions,” through a perfect blend of technology, architecture, and methodology that makes it easy to consume and interpret large volumes of information.


Mobile BI for Non-Profit

Mobile devices have become the communication channel of for nonprofits, especially for those who work on their missions mostly by travelling. AMDDATAWIZ has the capability to deliver useful BI applications to enable the travelling nonprofit executives' access critical data or communicate with their patrons from any location.


Nonprofit Business intelligence

Nonprofits are now using BI for improved decision making, budget optimization, and exploration of fresh revenue opportunities. At AMDDATAWIZ, our team will analyze the nonprofit databases, analyze the data, determine appropriate reporting requirements, and develop accurate reports and dashboards for quick and informed decisions. The online Reports and Business Intelligence Service has been designed to meet the needs of nonprofits.


Cloud BI for Non-Profit

The Cloud and mobile environments can jointly aid the nonprofits to share vast amounts of data and information from any location at any time. The Cloud platform can be a game changer for many nonprofits, providing access to varied data services, which were too costly even three years ago. At AMDDATAWIZ, the Cloud BI Service has been designed to provide reliable, 24/7, data services at low cost with no need for on-premise infrastructure.

AMDDATAWIZ has enabled our team to deliver high quality files within tight deadlines to make sure that now we are able to execute much more number of
campaigns with much improved response rate. The campaign model and training framework created by AMDDATAWIZ are now employed at our end to upskill our resources I wanted to express my sincerest appreciation to the entire AMDDATAWIZ team for assisting us with delivering our CPU model early.

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