Mobile BI: Take Your Technology Around with You

Mobile BI Take Your Technology Around with You

Oct 07 2015



As businesses are rapidly moving out of office spaces, the growth of mobile and smart, portable devices is on the rise to facilitate “anywhere” business—from a restaurant to an airport lounge! As businesses become more mobile and location-free, the logical next step is mobile BI.

Mobile BI enables complex analytics or data visualization from anywhere at any time, through the use of handheld devices like Blackberries or iPads. Thus it provides tremendous working flexibility to office staff who conduct most of their daily business on the road or from a remote location. Moreover, the transformational benefit of this technology is that it provisions a complete, 360° view of any business data or scenario right in on one’s palm. The user no longer has to worry about carrying disks, data cards, or even paper work; so long they have access to all the data through their smart device.

The additional challenge in mobile BI is facilitating a full Bi experience on a restricted screen space. The latter part of this article addresses the challenges facing the small-screen, user interaction for mobile BI users.

Benefits of Mobile BI

The benefits of mobile BI are many, but here are some of the obvious ones:

    • Anytime, anywhere access to information: Your information is always with you in case your boss or business guest suddenly pops a question.
    • 360° view: You literally get a 360° view of your data whenever you want.
    • Hardware independence: The responsive BI design is equally friendly with any mobile device, mobile OS, and browser.

However, the mobile BI technology, in spite of making great strides, is still in an evolving stage. While the mobile BI offers tremendous flexibility in terms of physical location of use, it also poses serious challenges in terms of storage and processing capabilities and data security. Thus, building a truly effective BI system for the mobile platform is not easy; the effort requires careful planning and employing appropriate design strategies to counter the technology barriers.

Mobile BI: Technology Limitations

The mobile hardware comes with small screens, low memory, limited disk space, unresolved security issues, inadequate backup and restore functionality, and a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. Mobile Business Intelligence Brings Benefits — and Barriers provides a realistic discussion on the limitations of mobile BI technology. Some of these limitations may have been partially addressed by mobile BI technology vendors, but there is still a long way to go before mobile BI becomes the BI platform of choice among the user community. The mobile BI vendors will greatly benefit by reviewing the above reference link as it contains invaluable advice on designing responsive BI systems for the growing community of mobile BI users.

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