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AMDDATAWIZ Service Capabilities for the Healthcare Industry

Ever since the Federal Government and other public healthcare organizations began sharing healthcare information in the US, for example, clinical data, EHR, EMR databases, or patient records available under public health insurance programs, the global medical fraternity gained instant access to privileged healthcare information. In addition to that, the big-data revolution made it possible for healthcare administrators to collect and store data on a single patient or disease from multiple sources, such as hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, clinical trials, or insurance databases, and prepare that data for advanced analytics.

As data warehouses in healthcare run into petabytes, the modern healthcare facilities are expectantly looking at technological solutions to manage and use the vast oceans of data to achieve reduced healthcare costs and improved treatment procedures! At AMDDATAWIZ, the data gurus are now offering a core set of data services to help the healthcare professionals manage data efficiently:


Predictive Analysis in Healthcare

At AMDDATAWIZ, we can help the healthcare facilities successfully acquire, store, and prepare the data for advanced analytics. We can help our healthcare clients develop predictive models of treatment conditions by studying the existing treatment trends and patterns derived from the historical patient care data. The main goal of healthcare analytics is to identify underlying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or risks present in particular healthcare systems.


Visualizing Treatment Outcomes through Dashboards

Dashboards enable clear viewing of results obtained from advanced data analytics. In healthcare, dashboards can help medical practitioners, clinical scientists, or researchers to view and compare segmented healthcare data for improved decision making. The expert data consultants at AMDDATAWIZ can help the healthcare professionals to work more effectively with gained insights through advanced visualization tools.


Data Management in Healthcare

The available healthcare data, because of its humongous size, makes a perfect candidate for healthcare data warehouse model. At AMDDATAWIZ, the data experts will take a holistic approach to healthcare data management to achieve predetermined goals. The core tenets of this approach are deriving maximum healthcare administration and patient care benefits while maintaining low operating costs, enhanced risk management, and minimal systemic errors.


Mobile BI for Healthcare

Millions of salespeople selling medical devices, promoting new medicines, or distributing ground-breaking research pamphlets do their business on the road. Imagine if these workers could instantly gain access to critical healthcare information whenever they need it and wherever they need it—be it from their smart phones or tablets. Mobile BI service for healthcare has been designed for the travelling healthcare executives who will need to access information frequently while on the road. AMDDATAWIZ can deliver useful BI applications to enable the remote workers to access critical healthcare data instantly from any location.


Business Intelligence for Healthcare

AMDDATAWIZ’s BI for healthcare service is aimed at helping the healthcare professionals make smarter decisions with the support of data visualization, complex analytics, and insightful reporting. Our expert team will collect and analyze the available data, determine the reporting needs, and build instance reports and dashboards for improved decision making.


Cloud Computing in Healthcare

In healthcare, operational data, clinical data, and insurance data for example, can be gathered from disparate sources and prepared for analytics. All these services can be rendered at minimal cost and without any ongoing maintenance headaches through our Cloud-based data services. At AMDDATAWIZ, the Cloud BI Service is an enterprise-class analytics platform, which achieves data management goals through a systematic series of steps.

AMDDATAWIZ has enabled our team to deliver high quality files within tight deadlines to make sure that now we are able to execute much more number of
campaigns with much improved response rate. The campaign model and training framework created by AMDDATAWIZ are now employed at our end to upskill our resources I wanted to express my sincerest appreciation to the entire AMDDATAWIZ team for assisting us with delivering our CPU model early.

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