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AMDDATAWIZ Data Services for the Education Sector

Ever since the disruptive technologies started transforming the education sector in the early 21st, a new breed of technologically oriented visionaries and entrepreneurs have jointly engaged in redesigning education in a digital world.

The well-known universities are now utilizing massive open online courses (MOOCs) to broaden their reach across the globe, while others have taken learning from the physical classroom to the web campuses and mobile apps. Novel concepts like gamification have made the process of learning less intimidating, more interactive, and fun.

The greatest gift of technology to education has been the “personalization of learning content” to enable tailoring courseware to individual student needs. Although institutions have modernized their administrative processes with Education Data Management (EDM), most institutions across the globe are struggling with data management in teaching and in administration.

The need of the hour is a highly integrated, education data-management system that provides institutions with the right tools to manage diverse data sources, helps extract relevant information for decision-making at various levels, and enables real-time predictive analytics, BI, and advanced reporting capabilities.

AMDDATAWIZ currently offers the following data services for the education sector:


Predictive Analytics for Education Initiatives

At AMDDATAWIZ, we can help our education industry clients build predictive models of future events by studying the existing trends and patterns from either the historical or the transactional data. The main goal of this type of data analysis is to identify underlying strengths, opportunities, or risks present in the current education system at various levels.


Business Dashboards to View Education KPIs

The dashboard industry, with its ability to display comparative or segmented data in a user-friendly format, has recently gained much popularity across sectors. The expert data consultants at AMDDATAWIZ can help your education institution work transparently and more efficiently with the support of advanced analytics, intelligence, and high-end visualization tools like dashboards. The dashboards aid prompt decision making whenever you need it.


Data Management in the Education Sector

Vast amount of data are generated at various levels of the academic institution. AMDDATAWIZ’s centralized data-management practices can help your education institution work efficiently with quick access to data, reduced processing time, reduced errors, yielding huge cost savings. Our electronic data management keeps tight control on data security and regulatory compliance while promoting green initiatives. We believe in building a dynamic, data-management system that can help your institution derive significant benefits like low operating costs, enhanced risk management, and minimal costly errors.


Mobile BI Service for Education

Thousands of teacher, students, and administrators in the education sector conduct daily work from mobile apps or on the smart-device platform. AMDDATAWIZ has the capability to create excellent mobile apps to enable remote workers to access critical education or administrative data instantly from any location without a desktop or a laptop.


Business intelligence in Education Management

Our BI services have been developed to help the education institutions make smarter decisions about teaching or administering with the support of complex analytics, granular data visualization, and insightful reporting with ad hoc capabilities. At AMDDATAWIZ, we have the capability to analyze your education data, determine the reporting needs, and build quick reports and dashboards for informed decisions.


Cloud Computing for Education

At AMDDATAWIZ, the Cloud BI Service with an enterprise-class analytics platform may be used for teaching, collaborative or personalized learning, and administrative tasks in an education institution. The best part is that the institution will get full benefits of BI services without the headaches of an on-premise infrastructure.

AMDDATAWIZ has enabled our team to deliver high quality files within tight deadlines to make sure that now we are able to execute much more number of
campaigns with much improved response rate. The campaign model and training framework created by AMDDATAWIZ are now employed at our end to upskill our resources I wanted to express my sincerest appreciation to the entire AMDDATAWIZ team for assisting us with delivering our CPU model early.

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