Data Warehousing Solutions in Retail industry

Applications of Data Warehousing and Data Mining in the Retail Industry

Oct 24 2016

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The Retail Industry is full of retailers which get the products from the suppliers and sell it to the customers. Here the retailers are in direct contact with the customers. They are the ones who know what a customer wants and what product range will be effective. Customers always tell the retailers what kind of product will be useful and how it should be modified. All these information are to be transferred to the manufacturing industry. There is not only one retailer but there can be many. The retailers are also transferring the products to the vendors and then it gets distributed. The supply chain starts from here and where marketing also plays its role very well.

The information about the product and how is the progress being maintained has to be transferred to the manufacturers. The mode of transferring the data in the traditional way was to send reports in files. The other way was to maintain a softcopy and send it by internet services. Many of the time a person from the industry would come and asks for the feedback. The feedback is good for gathering data or information which is still done until today. These feedbacks have to be transferred to the company’s servers so that a proper data can be extracted. Not only is the data collected from customer’s prospectus for Data Warehousing Solutions but from others too.

The Data Management Consulting is already using many models for using the Data Warehouse. Each retail industry cannot follow the same model for their data collection. Above diagram only shows fewer modules but the industry is having many. In the start, there was also a question that why retailers need a data warehouse and they are only needed to report. These reports were building a mountain and then the need surely aroused. The information is sent by the Customer relationship manager, Enterprise Resource Planning and the supply Chain Management to the Data Warehouse. After the data has been gathered it is now the job of Data Warehousing Solutions to sort the data in different modules. These modules are differentiated for producing many outcomes.

Saving in cloud servers

The cloud servers are the ones where the data or information is saved. From here the extraction of data is very easy. It is not like the old tradition where when data is gathered fully and then they have to sort what is needed. Here with the technology the data is saved and only when a particular file is needed they are taken out. The process looks very simple but they are much lengthy.

Every bit of data has to be maintained and each part of it is essential. From the Data Warehouse the reports, data mining OLAP analysis can be extracted. This is all because the data is saved in a secure and reliable cloud server. There are many private organizations which help these industries in saving the data on their servers. These servers also require proper maintenance. The retail industry is not having much time to maintain these servers. Therefore a third party service is invited to perform this work.

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