Data visualization can help you go a long way in education industry

Data visualization can help you go a long way in education industry

Feb 15 2016



“Data visualization is a term that describes any effort to help in understanding the significance of databy placing it in a visual context. Patterns, trends, and correlations that might go undetected in text-based data can be exposed and recognized easier with datavisualization software.” according to Margaret Rouse at

In simple words, data visualization is just a graphic representation of any form of data available.

Now that we understand what data visualization is, let’s know its benefits and various uses.

Data visualization aids easy and rapid processing. Identifying the areas that need immediate attention becomes easier with visual demographics and reports as the data is analysed faster. It helps to understand complex and lengthy data, exploration of undiscovered sources of useful data is also observed.

Data visualization can be used in following ways,

  • Data exploration
  • Data communication
  • Forming policies
  • Making amendments
  • Measuring effectiveness of current policies
  • Measuring effectiveness of methods of management
  • Discovering new insights
  • Predict outcomes/results

Data visualization helps get value from big data.

Data visualization is quite an underestimated tool when it comes to the current situation of the education industry. The unexplored benefits are such as, data visualization can help assess the quality of knowledge being provided, the effect of new teaching/examination technique applied, results of students’ academic/extracurricular performance, teaching quality, etc...

Visual information of the numerous data related to education management, teaching, learning and overall development of students and the institute can ease data management and analysis process, reducing the time taken to half.

It is scientifically proven that human brain interprets data at the twice speed and better understanding in a visual format.

We already know and understand the importance of using big data and other data management tools used to accumulate data and extract information to keep the industry running successfully. It is no secret that data evaluation leads to the formation of new reforms, eradication of unproductive processes, predicting future results and trends based on the past and current fashion of data available.

Need of education Industry for Data Visualization

The performance of the students is based on day-to-day activities, past performances, examination results, etc. Although, this cannot provide completely reliable data to measure their performance and capabilities. Data mining, data warehousing, data analysis play a major role too. However, to understand and assume this data correctly data visualization is needed. It provides easy demographics to interpret the abilities the students acquire and help the institution to provide support.

Other than the educational point of view, data visualization holds equal importance as data assimilation, analytics, management, mining etc. It presents an easy-to-decipher format of coded data to be understood without miscommunications and misinterpretations which may lead to further complications.

It provides the education industry with a graph of its performance, mistakes, profits, failures, strengths and accomplishments.

Benefits of Data Visualization to education industry:

  • Help understand how funds are spent on major institutional strategic and operational goals and are geared toward institutional leaders.
  • Educates and encourage staff to consider flexibility and adaptability in daily decision making.
  • Provide students’ success and weak spots in their academic cycle.
  • Send institutional overview to prospective students, authorities and alumni.
  • Look at student graduation rates, focus on progress and completion and predict students at risk.
  • Monitor and manage the amount spent on contracted services and extracurricular activities (cleaning, guest lectures, security, landscaping, music and sporting events).
  • Analyse costs and funds by faculty to establish budget shortfalls or surplus and determine the scale of any required fundraising activities
  • Monitor and track the balance between teaching and non-teaching staff as well as student – teacher ratios to underpin student intake and hiring plans and processes.
  • Track average student grades by year level, subject or teacher and evaluate against comparable historical data – to identify trends in student and teacher performance.

In today’s world quality counts over quantity. Data visualization is one such tool that helps you improve the quality and move up the graph continually.

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