Data Security Service

Data Security Service from AMDDATAWIZ

AMDDATAWIZ has remain at forefront while working on the mainstay issues of data security for several technological and other digital information generating companies. Our data security solutions are working 24X7 to secure the data of several financial, government and private enterprise. We are working globally, spanning in several countries and working for endless satisfied organizations.

At AMDDATAWIZ our mission is to deliver the right data security solutions to prevent the most valuable data in the right way. While in this process we keep all the data security issues in mind and functions with the aid of security experts from all the best possible industry. We have proven ourselves globally for securing data and our smartest software authentication platform is known to control the sensitive identity credentials, facing successfully our clientele mobile and digital security challenges, citizens ID initiatives, SSL, logical as well as physical access and certification management.

Risk assessment

Here are some key benefits of our advanced analytics service:

  • Data security gives you a rough estimation of your whole risk assessment that could occur due to system crash, theft or malware crash. The list of other possible threats is as follows:

  • Corporate espionage as well as other possible malicious proceedings could exploit the data.

  • To err is human and any of the mistakes done by them could lead to input errors or exchange of wrong information.

  • Natural perils, theft, fire, malicious damage etc physical threats

There are several factors that you need to keep in mind before adopting any data security method like:

  • People who utilize internet and how

  • Access over what kind of data

  • Access authorization will be granted to whom

  • Password is essential or not

  • Kind of anti malware and firewall solution required

  • Staff training to maintain data security

The security of information is the most delicate issue, which every organization is fighting with and it has a great role to play in their success. Get the package of complete data security with AMDDATAWIZ’s complete throng of data security solutions.

Data loss prevention is among the mandatory issue that every organization looks forward and with the pool of our expert techies we provide 24X7 assistance. No doubt the data threats are turning hostile day by day and budgets are not in shape most of the time. Business imperatives including big data, social media, mobility, web applications and other factors create loads of havoc if they deal with inefficiency. At AMDDATAWIZ we stand with you to face and overcome these problems via unparalleled threat intelligence, innovative and integrated technologies and above all with the services which are highly flexible so that entire business security demands are met.

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