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Businesses today operate in an incredibly fast-moving and complex environment. Timely actionable analysis and insights can play a major role in ensuring that the business is reacting and responding in a manner that ensures success. Business Intelligence Services provide a framework for doing this.

Data Is Valuable – Don’t Squander It

There is a wealth of data that every business generates today, but without harnessing it properly, its value to the business is lost. Our comprehensive Business Intelligence Services will ensure that you are able to get the maximum out of your data. It will enable better decision-making throughout your organization by reducing decisions based on gut or intuition.

BI Services helps you integrate disparate, voluminous data points intelligently, analyse it effectively and develop dashboards with high-quality data, enabling better decisions and ultimately better business performance. BI Services thus span the life-cycle of data – starting from extraction, consolidation, storage, analysis, to finally reporting.

With expertise in every step of the process, AMDDATAWIZ can partner with you to make the best use of your organization’s data.

Make Smarter Decisions with Business Intelligence

Utilizing Data in Decisions

Analytics is the heart of business intelligence. Both historical and predictive analytics are vital for an organization to get an understanding of the business performance and in guiding decisions. It provides answers to what, when and why, enabling managers to measure progress, take corrective action, be proactive and act faster. AMDDATAWIZ Advanced Analytics leverages technologies like data mining, machine learning to make sense of voluminous and disparate data.

Analysing the data alone is not enough, it is equally important to reach it to the key decision-makers and provide it in a form that encourages them to use it.

Data visualization plays a crucial role in helping managers of a business extract value from business data. Trends and patterns that otherwise might be missed can be spotted in well-crafted reports or dashboards that consolidate necessary metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Busy managers benefit by getting a quick understanding of the business' performance and critical insights with easy-to-read but comprehensive reports or dashboards.

As a part of our BI Reporting and Dashboards, we will provide you with easily accessible and easily usable dashboards that inform you of all the essential facts of the business and processes. Analytical or operational, our dashboards, developed using latest data visualization techniques and tools, can provide business managers with invaluable inputs to make the right call.

Managing Data

With information coming in from every source – be it sales data from stores or customer feedback– there needs to be an integrated view for it to be usable. Data warehousing is critical to integrate the different sources, process it and maintain it. Data management techniques help in extracting meaningful data from the data warehouse(s) and in processing so that the data can be fed into databases, ready for use in analytics.

Accessing and Storing Data

Businesses today can take advantage of Business intelligence Services without having to invest in expensive infrastructure and software. Cloud services offer a ready-use system by which organizations can manage its data end-to-end. AMDDATAWIZ's enterprise-class analytics platform on the cloud provides an uncomplicated way to bring in the benefits of Business Intelligence Services to your organization. With an easy-to-use browser based interface, it not just offers a platform to consolidate your data but also its visualization and access.

Ready access to data is important for on-the-go executives. Our mobility services make sure that your team can access vital business data with mobile BI apps, anywhere, anytime.

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