For years, businesses invested their resources on upgrading BI technologies and tools without really taking time to understand how business intelligence can solve their business problems. Business intelligence consulting is not about technologies or tools, but about identifying and understanding unique business problems, and then using data-centric approaches to find solutions to those problems.

At AMDDATAWIZ, we have carefully developed a BI consulting strategy, which will take a close look at your organization’s existing data capture and management framework on one hand, and your information needs on the other hand—to identify gaps between the two. Our BI experts will work in tandem with your business activities, so that we and you can jointly achieve the desired business goals through advanced business intelligence solutions

Why Do You Need the AMDDATAWIZ Business Intelligence Consulting Team?

The AMDDATAWIZ BI consultants work with a client organization as a collaborative partner to examine the big picture, ask the right questions, and discover the organization’s underlying business challenges. Our expert team focuses on your existing data framework to design repeatable, data-centric solutions through sound business intelligence practices. Our mission is to enable your organization gain a competitive advantage through our BI solutions.

The Benefits of AMDDATAWIZ Business Intelligence Consulting

The AMDDATAWIZ BI team takes time to analyze your business problems and uses your existing business data to:

We believe in collaborating with you, our client, and remain focused on the unique needs of your business to create a sound BI framework supporting your organization’s current and future decision-making processes.

We Deliver Both Hindsight and Foresight

Through our effective business intelligence consulting approach, we help your to derive powerful insights from your past and current business data, and to predict future data trends and patterns through predictive analytics. Thus, through our concerted efforts, we help you to gain both hindsight and foresight about your business for increased performance and better decision making.

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