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We Will Help You Gain Better Insights with the Right BI Reports

The power of business intelligence (BI) is only felt when enterprise functions can visualize the consolidated data through insightful reports and interactive dashboards. With AMDDATAWIZ’s BI Reporting and Dashboards service, you can access consolidated business data with a few clicks, and then visualize, customize, and publish highly insightful reports in segmented graphs or charts for easy comprehension. Some advanced dashboard functions such as drill down, filter, or interact are easy enough to understand for any non-technical user, but they are also powerful enough to perform advanced analytics. With our BI reporting service, your business staff can get quick answers to everyday business problems, so that you, the CEO, CFO or any business executive is equipped with smart, data-driven decisions as soon as you want them.

With our BI Reporting and Dashboards service, you can access and interact with business data through a few clicks, then instantly publish the data in dazzling dashboards!

AMDDATAWIZ delivers powerful BI reporting solutions with dashboards

Data discovery or data visualization is often regarded as a distinct activity from business intelligence, and the dashboard industry has recently received industry attention as dashboards enable concurrent viewing of multi-source data in an easy-to-understand format. A business dashboard is that indispensable tool that enables real-time, interactive BI on an ad hoc basis, but the dashboard technology is itself distinct from BI. In fact, dashboard technology can be skillfully utilized in BI situations where sudden, immediate data analysis and reporting may be necessary. Moreover, dashboards allow a distributed workforce to explore and collaborate on consolidated data views for critical discussions. At AMDDATAWIZ, we will study our client’s data visualization and reporting needs and develop appropriate dashboards.

So how can the BI experts at AMDDATAWIZ help you achieve your data reporting goals?

To realize business gains, enterprises cannot simply do business analytics; they also need to share the insights and intelligence with their departments through convincing mapping and presentation of KPIs and metrics. The expert BI Reporting and Dashboards team at AMDDATAWIZ will help you extract intelligence from heaps of data from different sources with the support of data discovery, visualization, and real-time reports. Our BI reporting capabilities are available to help you get the right answers at the right time.

Some of our dashboard features include:

  • Real-time data discovery

  • Consolidated data view from multi-source data

  • Interactive data visualization and custom reporting

  • Real-time decision making for enhanced business outcomes

See our dashboards in Action

At AMDDATAWIZ, our BI Reporting and Dashboards strategy includes understanding your reporting needs, and then building instance reports and dashboards for quick and informed business decisions. Our expert team will help deliver the required analytics and reports services without wasting any of your internal resources. Through drag and drop reporting, we deliver reports for collaborative discussions on restricted-sharing basis, and can publish highly scalable reports in a few minutes. The best part of our service is that the reports and dashboards are available to you 24/7 on the web.

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