The explosion of data occurring today has the potential to uncover new opportunities and vistas for organizations, making data analytics a critical success factor. But to build and maintain a competitive edge it is important to have proven solutions that work efficiently and effectively to deliver business value consistently. AMDDATAWIZ has wide expertise in developing customized technological strategies for organizations which enables them to implement robust systems that unlock value.

Using our deep technical expertise we assess your unique business requirements and develop technological frameworks that can help you achieve your business goals. AMDDATAWIZ offers consulting services across analytics, cloud and data management, delivering recommendations and blueprints that can help you build reliable, predictable and cost-effective technological solutions that are aligned to your business priorities.

Data Management Strategy

For every organization today one of the primary challenges is to ensure that the landscape of available data sources has been evaluated and then appropriately harnessed for generating valuable data. We at AMDDATAWIZ will deliver recommendations for data management that you can deploy in order to manage data effectively. We carry out a thorough assessment of your existing data management processes, identify data gaps, and map it against business and user requirements before providing recommendations.

Analytics Strategy

Accurate, timely, and readily accessible data is the basis for having a robust analytics program. Our analytics experts will help you get started on the journey by developing the blueprint for implementing a data delivery system. We will closely analyze and recommend an analytics ecosystem across key dimensions of People, Process and Technology so that you can confidently build an analytics platform that will deliver actionable business intelligence

Accelerated Enterprise Data Management

Fragmented and diverse voluminous data points can defeat an organization’s attempt to extract value from the data being generated. AMDDATAWIZ develops a comprehensive and efficient master data management strategy to clean up data, create data dictionaries and develop the foundation for creating high quality data that can be used for predictive analytics and building insightful reports that can drive better decision making.

Staff Augmentation

Technical expertise is vital for being able to extract value from enterprise applications and solutions. AMDDATAWIZ has a team of ready pool of experts who can be deployed to work on your priorities. This results in lesser downtime, faster time-to-value and superior quality of outcomes. We can provide support over a wide range of IT technologies and services including software development and testing, enterprise architecture and business intelligence.

Cloud Solution Strategy

Cloud solutions are flexible, scalable and cost-effective making them the preferred choice for many organizations. Having the right cloud infrastructure is essential to leverage value from this innovative technology and mitigate business risk and disruption. AMDDATAWIZ has extensive expertise in designing cloud strategy that is customized to your business priorities enabling you to benefit from this ground-breaking solution that can transform your business.

With AMDDATAWIZ, you can be rest assured that you will be getting expertise that will deliver technological solutions that work reliably and deliver results. We will work with your team to develop a comprehensive roadmap for your business and IT needs that will enhance your ROI.

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